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miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

Cancion del dia: Do you Remember de Aaron Carter

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Remember we'd be up all night
talkin' to the morning light,yeah
like the way it used to be
Those simple days
Just you and me,mmmmmm

I'll tell you baby
I know what's on your mind
Coz you look like you you've
got something to say,yeah

I may not say those words anymore
But maybe it just ain't my way


You ask me do I love you but
Do you remember
Why I walked on water for you
Do you remember
My first steps on the moon
Have you ever wondered why
I gave three wishes to you
you asked that question
but the answer lies
In you,in you
the answer lies in you yeah.

Remember we used to laugh & say
No one understood our way
And there were times
when you would cry
while knocking on my door
I was there to shelter your pain,
I feel you baby
to get that off your mind
you can make it to a brighter day
I may not say those words anymore
but maybe I can make it my way,yeah,ohhh


The answer girl
lies within you heart
please take a look inside

Chorus x 2

In you,in you
the answer lies in you,ohhh,
In you,in you,
the answer lies in you,yeah

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